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AKRON PROS, first champion of the NFL. Quality cotton shirt. Free shipping!

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Quality cotton t-shirt, graphics front and back:

Individual team front in royal blue, league pigskin emblem back.

Free shipping.


Akron Pros, only undefeated team in year one*, 1920:  6-0-3.

No playoffs or title game for the initial dozen years of the NFL, so an unblemished record was de facto champion.

Led by the backfield tandem of Rip King and Fritz Pollard, Akron dethroned perennial champion Canton Bulldogs and athletic giant Jim Thorpe in two shutouts, 10-0 and 7-0. 

The season-ending games -- both scoreless ties -- played away at runner-ups Buffalo and Decatur, preserved the Pros' undefeated record. 

*Note: Though the American Professional Football Association wasn't renamed the NFL until 1922, the survival of two teams from 1920 made it 'year one.'  

(What are those two teams, still in existence today? Hint: Both teams moved, but one kept its original nickname intact.)

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