APFA, forerunner of the NFL. The greatest game demands distinction. You're covered.

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Embroidered cotton twill ballcap, two-tone khaki bill with a black crown, velcro adjustable. 

A sharper look not to be found, here is the ultimate gridiron heritage wear.         Free Shipping.                                                                            _______________________________

An original for the original league, renamed the NFL in 1922.

The American Professional Football Association  formed in 1920 with 14 teams. Several teams sputtered and collapsed almost immediately, the business model untenable in an era when pro football was given little credence -- in or out of sport.

When the league expanded in 1922 to 18 teams, driving force George Halas thought the APFA name too long, so he coined National Football League. (Halas also renamed his Chicago Staleys the Bears, making it three names in three years for this enduring franchise.)

Making football into an ongoing commercial enterprise proved elusive and by 1930, just two of the original teams were still in operation. One was the Bears, of course, which morphed out of the Staleys. Along with the other enduring NFL team founding the American Professional Football Association, the establishment in 1920 is deemed 'year one' in league history. 

What is the other team to field one hundred years?  The same one that's spanned three centuries, in fact. Just one of many gridiron stories to be found here in the apparel shop. 

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