BUFFALO ALL-AMERICANS® apparel line. Signature shirt, free shipping.

Item Description

Buffalo All Americans® is a registered trademark.

Team script in orange with mini dropkicker in black, league pigskin emblem backside.

American Professional Football Association®

Quality cotton, size XL only.

Free shipping.


This is football formal wear. 

Here's the shirt for a city rich in gridiron heritage. After genesis year 1920, the Buffalo All-Americans® roamed North America for three more seasons. That frozen short story, lifted out of the deep freeze of time, offers fascination and perspective on today.  

The modern pro football landscape has several teams in possession of a token Lombardi trophy in need of dusting, but it doesn't begin to equal the historical significance of ice-encrusted goal posts on the shore of Lake Erie. Compete for nine championships beginning year one -- or be known as a one-hit wonder? 

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