CLEVELAND TIGERS, original NFL team, 1920. Quality cotton shirt, free shipping.

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Cleveland Tigers® is a registered trademark.

Quality cotton t-shirt, graphics front and back:                                                   Team front in black & gold, league pigskin emblem back.

Free shipping.

American Professional Football Association® and Pro Football Centennial® are registered trademarks. 


What of the pair of NFL teams that bolted Cleveland?

Decades before the Ramscrashed the party in LA and ages prior to Art Modell slinking out of town to brand his Browns crew an Edgar Allan Poe hallucination in Baltimore, Cleveland had a fourth football team that was, in fact, the city's original pro outfit. 

It's the long lost CLEVELAND TIGERS® who chartered the NFL on the north coasta century ago. Here is the shirt that honors the heritage of Ohio football, birthplace of the pro game. The pigskin emblem on the backside tells the story, sure to win a wager or two. Cheers.  

*Yes, those Rams.  Born in Cleveland, decamped to the Left Coast, then went on to pitch a tent down in Saint Louie.... only to skip back to Los Angeles.  

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