DETROIT HERALDS, original NFL team, 1920. Quality cotton shirt. Free Shipping!

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Quality cotton t-shirt, graphics front and back:

Team front in red, league pigskin emblem back.

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Detroit football formed at its university, about the time Henry was designing the Model T.  The Heralds matriculated from U of Detroit to semi-pro status in 1911, taking on the tough competition found in the bruising Ohio League.

A quirk in sports history, that before the American Professional Football Association became known as the NFL, the Detroit Heralds perished -- yet is recognized as an NFL original. The team was part of the quartet (Buffalo All-Americans, Chicago Tigers and Columbus Panhandles) that engaged the league's organizing ten in 1920. 

The following year, the Heralds were renamed "Tigers" (really), ceasing operation after the 1921 season. 

Detroit Lions? Arrived from Portsmouth, Ohio in 1934, where it began as the Spartans in 1929.

This dynamic shirt illuminates the forgotten history of Motor City. 

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