MUNCIE FLYERS, original NFL team 1920. Quality cotton shirt, free shipping.

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MUNCIE FLYERS® is a registered trademark.

Quality cotton t-shirt, graphics front and back:                                                  Team front in red, league pigskin emblem back.                                     

Free shipping.

American Professional Football Association® and Professional Football 100 Years® are registered trademarks. 


The Muncie Flyers® scratched the surface, just enough to become an NFL original.

Like the Rochester Jeffersons, the Flyers played but a solitary league game the inaugural season; one of two games opening day        October 3, 1920.

Before disappearing from the annals of the NFL after 1921, Muncie registered only two more league contests. Such was the loose structure and limited resources of the sport at the outset.

The brevity of the Flyers is to be admired, checking out before the plague of foam fingers, terrible towels and the "fan experience" nacho sauce, orange goo masquerading as cheese. Not even the late, great Bob Ross could've utilized the stuff to brush in a sunset.

Here's the shirt to wear Muncie proud.

More history to be found in team ballcaps and dropkick shirts. However, there will be no more references to cheese or cheese-like products. 


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