RACINE CARDINALS, root name of the oldest team! Quality cotton shirt, free shipping.

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RACINE CARDINALS® is a registered trademark.

Quality cotton t-shirt, graphics front and back:                                                  Team front in maroon, league pigskin emblem back.                                     

Free shipping.

American Professional Football Association® and Professional Football Centennial® are registered trademarks. 


The Racine Cardinals® are from the 19th Century!

Racine... as in Racine Avenue, Chicago -- the city where the Morgan Athletic Association spawned the team, circa 1899 -- now gone as many years as it called Illinois home. 

Originally registered in the American Professional Football Association charter of 1920 as the Racine Cardinals (including the "Wisconsin" misnomer), ownership adapted the hometown tag before the year was out: Chicago Cardinals. 

Tally of the Cardinals' identity migration? Five names in three cities.

For the historical football purist, this is the shirt.

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