ROCHESTER JEFFERSONS, original NFL team 1920. Quality cotton shirt, free shipping.

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ROCHESTER JEFFERSONS® is a registered trademark.  

Quality cotton t-shirt, graphics front and back:                                                  Team front in red, league pigskin emblem back.                                     

Free shipping.

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A man's perseverance made history.  

While it's true the Jeffs had origins similar to the oldest surviving team (see Racine Cardinals) --  birth in the 19th Century and taking its moniker from the avenue underfoot -- it's the dedication of one gentleman that merits tribute a century later.

Leo Lyons played, coached, promoted and then owned a team that functioned almost thirty years. 

How do you spell devotion? Not only did Mr. Lyons make the trek to Canton for the famous running board charter meeting the summer of 1920, he sacrificed his house bankrolling the Jeffs. 

Mr. Lyons did more than become the original record keeper of the NFL. He made Rochester a part of it. 

A sharp shirt to recognize the age of raw football and raw courage.

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