CHICAGO CARDINALS, the oldest team. Embroidered cotton twill ballcap. Free Shipping!

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Embroidered cotton twill ballcap, two-tone maroon bill with khaki crown, velcro adjustable. 

Free Shipping.


The oldest NFL team, dating back to the 19th Century!

Up through league formation in 1920, the team went by its second gen prefix, the avenue where they played -- Racine.  Parochial identity proved to be a problem, compounded by the charter secretary mistakenly adding Wisconsin to the registration.

Enter the quartet of late arrivals that inaugural autumn, including Chicago Tigers. In short order, Cardinals' ownership saw the light, punting Racine for the big city name.  

The team uprooted to St. Louis in 1960 and moved again to Phoenix in 1988. But its origin and championship season are Chicago.

This ballcap sets the record straight.

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