CHICAGO CARDINALS pullover with hood and hand warmer pocket. Free Shipping!

Item Description

Quality hooded pullover with hand warmer tunnel pocket, graphics front and back.

Individual team front in maroon, league pigskin emblem back.

Cotton 75%, poly 25%.

Free shipping.

Available only in XL


The gift of personal warmth, regardless of climate. 

The Cardinals' origin is the upper Midwest metropolis, long before electricity made Arizona slightly cooler than a pizza oven. 

This was not the first NFL team to call itself Chicago, but the city is a birthplace of pro football, spawning three of the original 14 teams. 

Who were the other two?

With apologies to Robert Zimmerman: The answer, my friend, isn't blowing in the wind. It's found right here, in the Apparel Shop. For now, the clue excludes the Bears and Staleys....

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