HAMMOND PROS, original NFL team 1920. Embroidered cotton twill ballcap. Free Shipping.

Item Description

HAMMOND PROS® is a registered trademark.

Professional Football Century® is a registered trademark.

Embroidered cotton twill ballcap, team script in purple on khaki, velcro adjustable. 

Free Shipping.


Key pieces of the NFL's initial years emanate from the Hammond Pros®. Here is the little train that could, recruiting stars George Halas and Paddy Driscoll to combat powerhouse Canton Bulldogs and the fierce Jim Thorpe, circa 1919 -- then outlasting most of the other 13 charter teams before it perished in 1926. 

There is a tale that Hammond sought the athletic talent of matinee idol Douglas Fairbanks, at a generous thousand bucks a game.       Easy call for Fairbanks: Why subject a moneymaker face to rearrangement by eager rugby types on cold ground in the upper Midwest --  when Hollywood's sun & sand contract paid twice as much all 52 weeks, with starlettes ready to volleyball? 

Sharp ballcap to mark a forgotten wellspring of pro football. Volleyball not included.

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