RACINE CARDINALS. Oldest team, still kicking. Behold, Holy Grail of the Gridiron.

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RACINE CARDINALS® is a registered trademark.

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Embroidered cotton twill ballcap, two-tone maroon bill with khaki crown, velcro adjustable 

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Back when horsepower was provided by horses.

Emanating from the Morgan Athletic Association in 1899, the team came by way of its evolving name(s) organically. Morgan was a street name, as was Racine -- in Chicago.

The nickname was less about a songbird and more about hue. The acquisition of used uniforms bearing cardinal red is the folklore. Or perhaps a melding with another athletic club, named Cardinals?

Regardless, this is the oldest professional football team, with family ownership dating back ninety years. The team was 'western' as the league went a hundred years ago and remains so today, gravitating to Arizona in 1988.   

►Root name of the oldest professional outfit?

►Root team predating the NFL itself... by a generation?

  The Holy Gridiron.  It's not a ballcap, it's a crown.

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